Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Daniel Lopez and I'm a Registered Nurse with an MSN. It has been a long journey to get this far but i still love my collection. Now in my 30's, and over the years, my collection has grown to great amounts and its all to the passion of my fans. Over the last year, the YouTube channel has gone a significant slow down of videos and due to this, the channel does not have major video updates. Sugoi HD Reviews has become more of a picture review site to share my passion with the world, and in a rare occasion, i will upload a video review of there is a major need for it. Video reviews are still a great thing for me, and I will do one in due time. As my collection is more than just Saint Seiya or Dragonball, some of the picture reviews are figures that you wont see on a video. So with this in mind, Myth Studio Has Been Born. My collections also has many Star Wars figures that I hope all of you will like.

        Over the years, i have developed 3 main collections that i show in my videos, Saint Seiya, Dragonball, and Star Wars. All these Lines are my passion and I remember my childhood when i see them in my collection. Doing a video review is hard work, and with time constraints, more and more videos are put behind to accommodate this transition from video to picture. When i started to do reviews, Videos were popular, but i would see some websites with a great layout that i always wanted to imitate. Now that video is very well taken care of like individuals like HAIORIA in YouTube, i can focus more on Photography of my collection and build a database of pictures the fans can share and love with everybody. Video reviews will still come, but not as often or on release date. After all, this is my hobby, and i should enjoy doing what i love for the fans. So I hope you enjoy your stay here in my website. The links for my channel and my videos are up above. My videos are always top of the line and the same quality i will invest to make my photos as well as my videos the best around the internet. Enjoy your stay.

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